Veye had quite a year.

Covid-19 Pandemic, besides affecting the worldwide economy led to a sector reset. New working normal had many upheavals in technology and pharma sectors particularly. Here we have been ahead of the curve when it came to recommending stocks that eventually turned out to be outperformers. Veye spotted these stocks when they were just about to bloom.

Few of the best stocks which we had recommended in 2020 were:

Afterpay Ltd(APT) with a growth of 398%, was recommended in March 2020

Race Oncology Ltd (RAC) with a growth of 332%, was recommended in June 2020

AVA Risk Group Limited(ASX:AVA) with a growth of 318%, was recommended in June 2020

Element 25 Ltd(E25) with a growth of 229% was recommended in August 2020

Note: Return on these companies has been calculated until 14th of Dec 2020. Though not every pick has done as well as these.

Considering the returns in 2020, our subscribers had a stupendous run. Our track record of navigating this year’s share advice is enviable, and we have helped our subscribers safeguard their investments. When the market is struggling to break even, our subscribers have been able to make a substantial profit. Veye hunted for opportunity in adversity and identified some stocks at such an appropriate time that they even doubled in a much shorter span, unbelievably in one to two months.

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