The Top 5 ASX Gold Stocks To Buy In FY24

Gold stocks refer to companies that are involved in the exploration, mining, and production of gold. These companies may offer investors the potential for high returns, as the price of gold is often subject to fluctuations and can potentially increase over time.

Whether it is boom or recession, whether the markets are bearish or bullish, smart investors are always looking for good returns. And while there are many routes, the safest at all times is investing in quality gold stocks.

Though there were still fears of a mild recession in the coming year, some gold stocks seem to have pre-empted the hurdles that were to unfold in FY24.

Where do we see opportunities? The minor sell offs in the equity markets went through with some stocks having good earnings potential and trading at low valuations going unnoticed.

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Can you invest in ASX gold shares?

Australia is the world’s second-largest gold producer, and its gold output is expected to grow considerably. ASX has many quality stocks having good asset base and potential of strong financial returns in future.

Gold sector is likely to perform better because of the reduced liquidity of inflation protected instruments and with markets having factored in monetary tightening. Gold acts as the best hedge against inflation. Record gold buying from central banks with demand from China expected to pick up could be a catalyst to boost gold stocks.

At Veye, our analysts not only keep in mind the emerging macro picture, they spot stocks having good resource base and a good exploration to pour/production timeline. Investors enter such stocks at initial stages with some research backup and ride the full growth story.

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