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Explore ASX Small Cap Stocks opportunities with Veye! Generally misconceived as new companies or start ups, small cap companies are entirely different from penny stocks. Many small-cap stocks, in fact, are of companies that are well-established businesses with strong track records and great financials.

Veye ASX Insights: Diving Deep Into Small Cap Stocks

Being smaller, small-cap stock share prices have a greater chance of growth. Spotted at the right time, these can offer an opportunity to invest even before institutional or big funds step in. And when finally joined, invariably increase the returns strongly besides providing a margin of safety because of wider participation.

Small-cap stocks are generally suited for the long term. If invested in a small-cap stock that has good fundamentals and overall healthy analysis, the stock will most likely grow over the long term. Investments in such stocks, just before a bull run and held the for the long term, have seen strong financial returns.

As with all categories of stocks, finding good small cap stocks may seem straightforward, but it actually necessitates in-depth research. It involves selecting stocks based on both their operational and financial performance, encompassing factors like revenue generation, EBITDA, operating cash flows, interest coverage, debt profile, and the cash conversion cycle.

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Note: Not every company performs as expected. Past performance is not an indication of future returns. “Profit” reflects movement in share price and does not take into account costs or taxation.

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Should I invest in ASX small caps?

It solely depends on someone’s personal goals and risk appetite. Small-cap investments are very risky during a downtrend or when the economic outlook seems very sluggish. It is always the right parameter to screen companies that have good fundamentals and have future prospects. Someone should have the courage to hold them so that they can enjoy the fruits of an upward rally in the market.

What is a small-cap on the ASX?

The small-cap companies are typically smaller in market size and sit outside of the largest 100 on the ASX by market cap. The S&P/ASX small ordinaries index (ASX: XSO) represents smaller members of the S&P/ASX300 index. It’s used as an index for small-cap Australian stocks

Which small-cap stocks are the best?

There are some of the best fundamental small-cap ASX stocks, such as Healthia Ltd. (ASX: HLA); Adairs Ltd. (ASX: ADH); Artemis Resources Ltd. (ASX: ARV); Platinum Asset Management Ltd. (ASX: PTM); and U.D. Holdings Ltd. (ASX: GUD).

Is investing in small-cap stocks risky?

Yes, technically, the small-cap company has a high ‘beta, which means a high variance in the stock with respect to the market. Investing in such a company might have potential risks due to various facts, such as unstable fundamentals, bad economic conditions, and companies mostly found in financial debacles.



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