Top 3 ASX Penny Stocks For FY24

Many Tech Startups started life as penny stocks and then experienced astronomical gains in their market caps and valuations.

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Wait.What are Penny Stocks?

ASX Shares that trade below $1 are usually termed penny stocks. They are generally a class of low-priced, high-risk companies trading for a few cents, but penny stocks in Australia also include stocks priced below $5.

Are Penny stocks called anything else?

Americans use the term penny stock in general, but Australian investors call them small cap stocks or micro caps.

Do you buy a penny stock because it's cheap?

It's just the mindset of a few highly speculative traders that, with a small investment, owning a large quantity of penny stocks can make someone rich in no time

Who should invest in penny stocks?

Highly speculative traders look to buy ASX penny stocks in Australia, which have a high probability of doubling their return on investment. Penny stocks are risky, but some of the best ASX penny stocks also have the potential to turn a small investment into a fortune.

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