Top 3 ASX emerging lithium companies for 2024

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Forecast lithium market deficit is expected to continue and grow. There is currently no substitute for lithium in Li-ion cathodes. The demand can be foreseen by Commitments of Over $25 Billion to Build U.S. Battery Capacity by 2030.

EV’s approaching price parity with ICE vehicles at the back of Global stimulus & policies to support decarbonisation via electrification have helped increase the demand forecast by 43% from 2021-2022 and a CAGR of 24% over the coming decade

(Chart Source: Bloomberg)

Underlying fundamentals support strong demand and robust pricing environment. M&A and strategic investments are accelerating due to scarcity of world-class resources. So much so, that industry is consolidating with many new entrants already in or waiting on the sidelines.

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