While there is high risk forecast in other sectors, the technology sector is projected to show a positive sign of growth in the coming period. Find out which tech stock holds the potential to deliver exceptional results in the future.

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Everything works in a certain period but very few things work all the time. Remember that markets have no favourites that it treats all challengers as equals.

As Jesse Livermore said "My game was to anticipate what was going to happen in a big way."

Technology stocks, if chosen after due diligence could be hugely rewarding. What was common when Google was selling knowledge, Apple was marketing privacy and Netflix, entertainment. These companies followed one approach which was compatible and then professionally executed their strategy.

At Veye, we have a set principle. Buy a good stock in its bad times but don't buy a bad stock in its good times. A good stock can come ripping back off the lows and this is where we strike. Such stocks move up even during small market recovery from the lows and reach their highs.

When Afterpay Ltd (ASX:APT) was moving lower and lower, we identified the right spot where it could appear attractive to investors. And it grew five fold in a short span of just eight months.

Veye’s team of research analysts have discovered one such tech stock which has the potential to deliver excellent results in the coming period.

Note: Not every company performs as expected. Past performance is not an indication of future returns.

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