5 ASX Companies to buy Under $5

At Veye, we try to pick stocks which are at a nascent stage and have the potential to bloom. A Stock picked at the right time could bring you fortunes. Stocks like Google, Walmart and Amazon have brought millions to their investors.

Investors say we are OTM (One track minded) and we take it as a compliment.

Whether you are short term investor or a long term one, we are singularly focussed, to make money and simultaneously generate wealth.

Our analysts have been making things much easier for all kinds of investors. Our USP has been to book profits consistently and reinvesting or augmenting the gains.

Veye, with its team of research analysts having decades of experience in the global stock markets, spots such stocks which outperform and have the potential to turn multibaggers.

Below is the performance of some of the stocks recommended by us. After seeing these perform, so much so, that some of our clients have switched calling us from OTM to ATM (Automatic teller machine)

TPW was recommended on 24 October 2020 at $2.02 and the call was exited on 26 November 2020 at $9.77. TPW delivered return of 383.6% in just one year and one month time.

APT was recommended on 30 March 2020 at $19.1 and the call was exited on 26 November 2020 at $95.22. APT delivered return of 398% in just eight months

RAC was recommended on 19 June 2020 at $0.435 and we are still holding the scrip at $3.61. Return till date( as on 27th July 2021): 729% (in about one year and one month)

Note: Not Every company performs as expected. Past performance is not an indication of future Returns.

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