3 ASX Gold Companies

to Maximise Gains

Have you wondered as to why that when the Covid-19 pandemic pushed the global economy into a contraction mode, the gold prices continue their upward momentum?

Gold prices reflect the beliefs of commodity traders. Investors buy gold as protection from either an economic crisis or inflation.

When we suggest a gold mining company, we don’t do it just because gold is a hot commodity now. We analyse its latest exploration results. What has been its growth journey and what are its growth options.

Many other factors like mine life, cost of production and whether gold prices are hedged and fully accounted for before we recommend it to our investors.

Apart from recommending New Crest Mining (NCM) (delivered 75% return in about thirteen months) and Saracen Minerals (SAR) (delivered 99% return in less than twelve months) at a most opportune time, we had recommended BGL returning more than 89% in less than four months, CAI returning more than 65% in less than three months, EVN more than 56% in less than seven months and PRU growing by 50% in less than four months, till 28th July 2020. Although no body can be sure of returns in the stock markets, our diligence is acknowledged on these returns.

As timing is the essence in stock markets, we keep on booking the profits also at the most appropriate time and reinvesting, if sensing an opportunity again. After having once booked profits in Saracen Minerals our reinvestment in it has grown again by more than 51%in less than five months till now.

Our strategies have helped our investors in reaping maximum benefits time and again. Why not join our bandwagon today and reap the benefits.