Dividend Stocks to Buy


Old adage “Sell when everybody is greedy and buy when they are fearful” has time and again proved to true. Stock market have invariably made up the losses in the months subsequent to crash.

Another thing that when market turns up, sellers are afraid to buy again. As a result, they lock in their losses. If you have sold during the crash, the human mentality says that you will not buy in time to make up your losses.

If the investors don’t panic and act smartly there is a very good chance that they not only recoup the losses when the market rebounds but also make money. Markets are galore with stories of such people who turned such market falls to their advantage.

Warren Buffet is known to have bought great companies at bargain prices. Many good companies are available at bargain prices during such times. Although nobody has a crystal ball to suggest the most opportune time, we at Veye have recommended stocks which have growth potential even in adverse times.

We have a strategy to identify valuable companies. We also do research to enter even obscure businesses at such times while remembering “Price is what we pay, value is what you get”.

Here we present 3 stocks which have the potential to grow significantly over medium to long term, even during such times.