3 ASX Companies that may have huge upside potential

A famous saying for investors looking for Jewels, fair valued stocks having distinct competitive advantage, is to find the right jeweller

The year 2020 went down as one of the most challenging 12-month periods in modern global history. The year besides witnessing pandemic and it’s ripple effects like regular lockdowns, travel bans, also saw a big market crash. While most of the investors lost money, smart investors were value hunting as good scripts were available at cheap valuation.

In 2021, the fate of the economy – and the stock market – will likely revolve around the pace and effectiveness of factors like vaccine rollouts for COVID-19 along with fiscal stimulus and government assistance programs.

As nations race to reach the coveted post-pandemic phase, some of the small caps may outperform in 2021 like they did in its preceding year.

*Note: Not all the stocks have performed as good as these. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns.

These are just a few stocks which Veye has suggested in 2020, though not all the recommendations performed well as expected. Our research team has handpicked these 3 stocks which we believe have growth potential or are undervalued. These stocks represent some of the best value the ASX has to offer for 2021.