Top 3 ASX small cap stocks to create wealth

All the legendary investors of the world had one thing in common. They spotted good multibaggers stocks quite early on.

The thrill of quick riches draws new investors to many small cap stocks. But sometimes because of the low capital float or concentration of holding among few investors or promoters the desired results are not achieved.





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    We at Veye identify such stocks which are poised for exceptional growth. Because apart from fundamentals, underlying patterns are what draw rally in such stocks. Only those savvy enough to see through these patterns quite early make money in these stocks.

    Veye, in the past, has been able to spot price momentum in some stocks which eventually gave exponential returns.

    Few of the best stocks which had recommended in the past one year:

    ClearVue Technologies Ltd with a growth of 528% (as on 06th May 2021) was recommended in May 2020

    Rumble Resources Limited with a growth of 442% (as on 06th May 2021) was recommended in July 2020

    Element 25 Ltd with a growth of 317% (as on 06th May 2021) was recommended in August 2020

    Mainstream Group Holdings Ltd with a growth of 157% (as on 06th May 2021) was recommended in November 2020

    Novatti Group Ltd with a growth of 132% (as on 06th May 2021) was recommended in November 2020

    If you are a serious investor genuinely willing to pick winners instead of making speculations then access your free report to find 3 ASX small caps by clicking the button below.

    Though not all the recommendations performed well as expected. And past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance. Our research team has handpicked these 3 stocks which we believe have growth potential or are undervalued. These stocks represent some of the best value the ASX has to offer for 2021 and beyond.