Many tech startups started life as penny stocks and then experienced astronomical gains in their market caps and valuations.

Stock markets offer opportunities all the time. It is like an ocean which could be a rewarding fascination and also awe and fear. Looking for an opportunity in adversity is a rare art.

With geopolitical happenings and looming inflation fears, this becomes further complex. But investing isn’t worth anything until you do something that does challenge and recognise.

Do this to penny stocks. Comparatively smaller, identified at the right time, these stocks have a greater chance of growth. This means they have much more potential for investors to earn money faster.

Just like their larger counterparts, in that, these stocks are on a path to become multibaggers. At Veye, our research team spots and analyse such germinating stocks.

With our expertise in technical and fundamental analysis and with a close eye on macroeconomics, such stocks were selected which grew manyfold. The compelling differentiation being of recommending stocks not only for initial profits but also building up to swell profits.

How we choose penny stocks

Penny stocks are selected mainly on the basis of business model, catalysts and chart structure. Since these stocks are recommended at very initial stages of their run, although undervalued or fair valued, relative valuations are normally not there and thus not considered. Once the stock moves into bigger periphery, its longer-term growth prospects are analysed. A few such stocks have the potential to become multi baggers.

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Note: Not every company performs as expected. Past performance is not an indication of future returns.

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