While the share prices are moving up and down due to high market volatility, the dividends in the current trading period are constant if you are choosing the right companies.

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    A carefully drawn strategy is the best way to maximise returns whether one decides to invest in well established companies. Whatever your investing goals, at Veye our careful scrutiny of the business model can help you in achieving these.

    It is not a rare sight to see naïve investors getting trapped in stocks offering high dividends.

    Our team of research analysts while remaining cautious to be wary of such stocks, shortlist dividend-paying stocks that have the potential to increase their payout and where investors gain via share price appreciation as well as through the distributions received.

    Veye’s team of research analysts shortlist companies having a faster dividend growth backed by the earnings growth. And combining this with various parameters like dividend history, payout ratio, dividend coverage becomes an embellishment and can help you in living off dividend incomes.

    If you want to stay ahead in the stock market and reap maximum benefits, access your free report on our 10 HIGH QUALITY ASX DIVIDEND STOCKS for FY23 which we think might perform well, click on “Download” button to access your free report.

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